The notes included on this site present reduced solutions to real-world problems and are released under the MIT license without warranty of any kind. Attribution is not strictly necessary, but a linked citation (or just a quick note) are certainly welcome!

Sample code

Sample code on this site is generally provided in JavaScript, both for its familiarity as the lingua franca of the circa-2015 Internet and for the wide range of concepts and tasks it can describe. The occasional appearance of other languages (scala, ruby, golang, C, python, rust, and php, to name a few) is in no way meant as indirect commentary on utility: any tool is only as effective as its user.


In no particular order, the techniques described here would not have been possible without:

  • The authors of the many tools and libraries discussed herein.
  • The many, many contributors to the open-source ecosystem, whose oft-unnoticed contributions have enabled modern computing
  • Evergreen browsers

The author

I'm fascinated by software and the teams that build it, and currently working with the incredible dev team at Versal to develop the next-generation platform for online education. We're hiring!