A helping hand for giant headlines


InflateText remixes Dave Rupert's FitText.js by altering the resizer function to determine the maximum font-size that will allow an element to fit in the available horizontal space.


Invoke inflateText as any other jQuery plugin:


You may optionally provide a scaling factor using the scale argument or set caps on the font size:

	maxFontSize: 96, //(px)
	minFontSize: 32, //(px)
	scale: 0.8


inflateText.js works in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE8+, but please don't hesitate to fork+fix any issues you discover.

A cautionary note:

Unless a minimum font size is specified, InflateText will always attempt to fit the target text into a single line. Mix long headlines and mobile resolutions only at your own risk!


RJ Zaworski


inflateText.js is released under the JSON License. You can read the license here.