What, no phone?

Last March, I traded in the undeniable convenience of the cell grid for a Google Voice number and a wifi-capable handset. Blasphemy, I know, but not a decision taken lightly. After several months of weighing pros and cons, the deciding argument went like this:

I use a phone to keep in touch with clients, work with vendors, and stay on top of the occasional emergency. If a client calls and I’m not in the office, odds are better than even that I’m connected to Voice via a wireless hotspot at a coffeeshop nearby. If I’m not near wifi, chances are that I’m in motion and I probably couldn’t take the call anyway.

In other words: as long as there’s wireless, we’re golden.

But what about those emergencies? Nine times out of ten, real emergencies are beyond something that I can solve with a phone alone. Maybe it would help with client management. But actually resolving the problem? If I’m going to need to go find some more serious hardware anyway, there’s no real advantage to using a phone over (free) wifi.

I’m off the tether—not out of touch. You can still reach me using [e-mail](mailto:rj at rjzaworski dot com), a text, or whatever messaging subsystem your favorite social networking site uses to stay in touch.

Heck, you can even give me a call…