Books Worth Reading

Dry, stagnant, viscous words. When was the last time you walked away from Netflix long enough to read? To really read?

But where print falls short on candy-coated convenience, it fights its way back with ideas. Reading leaves time to pause, reread, and reflect on what’s just been said–a significant (if underrated) advantage over broadcast media. Want to think? First, read.

Reviews are one way to channel the effort. Knowing there’s a test (even a self-imposed one) at the end of the book encourages focus. Writing a review invites reflection on pivotal scenes and the story’s themes. And it yields a ready-packed answer to “should I read it?” and, “why?”

Treating reviews as recommendations makes it easier to separate out the “skims” from the “studies,” and to walk away from mediocre stories mid-flight. Save time for the books worth reading: packed with ideas, dripping with detail; rich stories filled with vivid imagery. Reviews help clarify the distinction.

If a story’s worth finishing, it’s worth taking a moment to mull over–and share–its big ideas. Down goes the book. Out comes the pen. And let me know how it goes!