RJ Zaworski draws on a broad engineering background and a decade of professional experience to write, speak, and advocate for sustainable development and operations.

When not volunteering, hiking, or cooking, he tweets occasionally and contributes to a wide variety of open source projects.

He has politely declined to publish his earliest lines of BASIC.

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General Consulting

Teams sometimes invite me to contribute an outside perspective on their processes, practices, and architecture. Can I help you ship great software, faster? Get in touch.


The notes included on this site present reduced solutions to real-world problems and are released under the MIT license without warranty of any kind. Bronowski said, “in ten years, everything I've said will be wrong;” In software we're lucky to get three.

Attribution is not necessary, but a linked citation (or just a quick note) is certainly welcome.


In no particular order, this site's content and production would not have been possible without:

  • The authors of the many tools and libraries discussed herein.
  • The many, many contributors to the open-source ecosystem, whose oft-unnoticed contributions have enabled modern computing
  • Evergreen browsers