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Cheatsheet: Analyzing Data from the UNIX Command Line 5/11/2019 Here's a scarcely-comprehensive list of tools for parsing, transforming, and formatting data from the command line. development bash jq
This is the Month to Learn File Streams 1/29/2018 Streams provide a radically simple interface for many of Unix's best-loved utilities. Learning to use may even inspire simpler interfaces of your own! learn-one-thing development linux bash
Keeping Git Hooks in Sync 1/26/2018 Sharing git hooks with your team makes it easy to automate expectation and workflows. Here are three ways to do it. howto process git bash
Taking Pretty Screenshots on Linux 1/21/2018 One short command to step up the screenshot game. linux tools bash
Introduction to Git Hooks 7/5/2016 git hooks are a powerful tool for workflow automation howto git bash