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Choosing the Right Database for Your Startup 2/5/2022 A database is one of the most critical decisions a technology startup will make. Here's how to get it less wrong. development startups
A Toy Algorithm 4/6/2020 Toys beguile and entertain through their resemblance to some real thing. Yet playing with them is instructive for the truths they reveal about larger, not-toy concepts. development algorithms
Principles of High-Value Software Testing 11/5/2019 Tests secure the value that software creates. Here are practical principles for getting the most from them. development testing
Baking loves static types 5/29/2019 Working in languages like JavaScript, Python, or Ruby, you get a little tired of your colleagues... development process
Is TypeScript worth it? Making the case to your team 5/18/2019 Here's a letter to share with your manager, your team, or the developer across the way at the pub. development typescript
Cheatsheet: Analyzing Data from the UNIX Command Line 5/11/2019 Here's a scarcely-comprehensive list of tools for parsing, transforming, and formatting data from the command line. development bash jq
On Demand, but When? 5/4/2019 The long, steady march towards managed infrastructure is fantastic. Less time configuring... development
Damage Control in Distributed Systems 4/24/2019 Grid operators, systems thinkers, and grey-beard sysadmins will tell you: systems are hard. development typescript howto
The Web Developer's Guide to DNS 4/8/2019 Every developer should know the basics of DNS, the critical protocol at the heart of the web. development dns protocols
7 Commandments for Event-Driven Architecture 3/9/2019 The critical rules to keep in mind when designing an event-driven architecture development microservices serverless
Don’t Do Crazy: A Programming Lesson from the Shipping Industry 2/24/2019 What’s the best way to move cargo the “last mile” from a lumbering, seagoing behemoth to your door? development philosophy
React is Changing How We Think, Again 2/10/2019 React reinvented how interfaces are built. Where does the future lead? essays development react
Software's Code Problem 1/13/2019 The industry's mystique is misguided. development philosophy essays
A day in the life of a Software Developer 1/5/2019 Chatting about the wide and woolly world of software development with a high school honor society ... development philosophy
Simple Tools 10/28/2018 Does the benefit in a specialized tool outweigh the time to learn it? development
Why it's Worth Learning Go 9/5/2018 Go is a simple, robust programming language that deserves a look from novices and veterans alike. Here's why. essay development golang
Specialization 8/7/2018 Do one thing and do it well. But in web development? development
Five Better Ways to Comment Code 4/13/2018 Comments just sit there—why not put them to work instead? development process
Should You Finally Learn How to Program? 4/4/2018 You could take up baking to nourish your body, or physics to nourish your mind. Either is worth learning if it interests you. But programming? development
The Skeptical Developer 3/14/2018 What do epidemiologists and programmers have in common? development essays
Mocking HTTPS Services in Node.js for Fun and Profit 2/11/2018 Mocks can simplify testing of 3rd-party services, but not when someone else owns the TLS keys. Here's how to work around it. development process
This is the Month to Learn File Streams 1/29/2018 Streams provide a radically simple interface for many of Unix's best-loved utilities. Learning to use may even inspire simpler interfaces of your own! learn-one-thing development linux bash
Node.js Module Patterns 1/19/2018 Never mind dependency injection, factories, singletons, or service providers: in node.js, it all comes down to the module pattern. development node javascript
So You Think You're Programming? 1/14/2018 We software developers tend to imagine our job is programming. Coffee in. Code out. Dev in the middle. development process
Thinking in Types 12/3/2017 Even in weakly-typed languages, consistent typing can yield better code. Here's how to start thinking in types.. development typescript
This is the Month to Learn Application Logging 12/1/2017 Logs shine light on the dark corners of an application, revealing smoke before production can burst into flames. learn-one-thing development process ops
Any Color You Like 11/16/2017 Declarative interfaces can stop complexity in its tracks—but only if their prescription fits the problem at hand. development process
code2png 11/6/2017 Create beautiful snapshots of code from the comfort of the command line development projects node
This is the Month to Learn Git 10/29/2017 System of record, automation tool, and the ultimate undo button for bad ideas. There's no better time to _really_ learn git. learn-one-thing development process git
You're Still Using jQuery? 10/28/2017 “You’re still using jQuery?” Incredulity: the byword of a bygone era. An anachronism from the bad... essays development jquery
There's Always a Customer 6/3/2017 Everyone wins when we stop treating tools as 'internal-only'. development process essays
How to Ruin Code Review 6/17/2016 Ten guaranteed strategies for raining misery down on code review howto process development
That's Technical Debt 6/12/2016 Technical debt. Can't outrun it, can't run without it. Here's how to keep it under control. development process essays product
The Best Code You'll Never Write 6/6/2016 No development is often the best development of all development philosophy
Evolution Over Revolution 2/6/2016 What every product team can learn from Porsche development process essays
The Documentation You've Been Looking For 5/12/2015 If we don't want prose, and we can't tell our complete story with code alone, it's time to consider our supplemental documentation. development process essays
Exception handling in node.js 1/16/2015 The ins and outs of asynchronous exception handling development javascript
JavaScript is swallowing your errors 1/15/2015 Who ships a language with error-handling optional? development javascript