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The AI Bubble is For Real 10/20/2023 We've seen bubbles before. How are the vast sums of money and talent pouring into AI any different? ai essay future-of-work
R&D is a Cost Center 10/9/2023 ...and if you like your job, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. essay management leadership
Does Software Even Need Managers? 9/27/2023 The role of the tech-industry manager is changing, and leading companies are going without. Do managers still have a place in the organizational landscape? management development leadership essay
Let's Talk About the Future 11/24/2019 And other polite ways to ruin Thanksgiving dinner personal essay
The Model and its Limits 10/19/2019 No matter how convenient or apparently complete, every model has its limits. process essay
Why it's Worth Learning Go 9/5/2018 Go is a simple, robust programming language that deserves a look from novices and veterans alike. Here's why. essay development golang