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React is Changing How We Think, Again 2/10/2019 React reinvented how interfaces are built. Where does the future lead? essays development react
Software's Code Problem 1/13/2019 The industry's mystique is misguided. development philosophy essays
Before You Go Paperless 5/16/2018 The oldest productivity tool is still one of the best personal essays
3 Good Reasons to Start a Blog 4/29/2018 I’m still clinging to the old-fashioned notion that there’s value in writing things down. essays personal
The Skeptical Developer 3/14/2018 What do epidemiologists and programmers have in common? development essays
You're Still Using jQuery? 10/28/2017 “You’re still using jQuery?” Incredulity: the byword of a bygone era. An anachronism from the bad... essays development jquery
Books Worth Reading 9/4/2017 If a story's worth finishing, it's worth taking a moment to mull over--and share--its big ideas. essays books reviews
There's Always a Customer 6/3/2017 Everyone wins when we stop treating tools as 'internal-only'. development process essays
About Those Bootcamp Graduates... 8/15/2016 It's a rare conversation with bootcamp instructors or (prospective) students that doesn't touch on the stigma around hiring bootcamp graduates. scene essays
That's Technical Debt 6/12/2016 Technical debt. Can't outrun it, can't run without it. Here's how to keep it under control. development process essays product
Evolution Over Revolution 2/6/2016 What every product team can learn from Porsche development process essays
The Documentation You've Been Looking For 5/12/2015 If we don't want prose, and we can't tell our complete story with code alone, it's time to consider our supplemental documentation. development process essays