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Time-tested tools and techniques that have helped me be a better developer. (5)
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This is the Month to Learn HTTP 2/28/2018 If you develop software for the web, a deep dive into HTTP is well worth your time. learn-one-thing
This is the Month to Learn File Streams 1/29/2018 Streams provide a radically simple interface for many of Unix's best-loved utilities. Learning to use may even inspire simpler interfaces of your own! learn-one-thing development linux bash
This is the Month to Learn jq 1/4/2018 JSON is the language of web APIs, and jq is the easiest way to explore and transform it. learn-one-thing jq
This is the Month to Learn Application Logging 12/1/2017 Logs shine light on the dark corners of an application, revealing smoke before production can burst into flames. learn-one-thing development process ops
This is the Month to Learn Git 10/29/2017 System of record, automation tool, and the ultimate undo button for bad ideas. There's no better time to _really_ learn git. learn-one-thing development process git