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Big-A and little-a agile 12/1/2023 "We Do Agile." Are we using? management leadership development
Lead With The Outcome 11/28/2023 Task-focused leadership isn't just a missed opportunity. It's *exhausting*. management leadership startups
Building Cultures of Accountability 11/2/2023 Accountability is the bedrock of an autonomous, empowered culture. Here's how to build it into your culture over time. management leadership startups
Feedback, Insight, and Information 10/23/2023 Ask better questions the right way to unlock better insights from your team management leadership startups
Squeezing the Feedback Loop 10/23/2023 Tighter feedback loops make for happier employees and faster value delivery. management leadership development
R&D is a Cost Center 10/9/2023 ...and if you like your job, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. essay management leadership
Leading Your Team Through a Layoff 10/8/2023 Here's to approaching the proceedings with all the pragmatism and grace you can muster leadership management layoffs
Does Software Even Need Managers? 9/27/2023 The role of the tech-industry manager is changing, and leading companies are going without. Do managers still have a place in the organizational landscape? management development leadership essay
The Job Description Equation 9/9/2023 If you've ever felt job descriptions might be a little formulaic, well, they are. hiring management startups
Measuring Anything 8/29/2023 Our desire for certain answers masks an important truth: that measurement doesn't need to be precise to be valuable. skills management
Writing Team Charters 1/8/2022 Projects start as proposals. Companies start as business plans. For teams, charters. Let’s make it a good one. management teams
Recognizing Your Enablers 2/22/2018 Recognition is critical to your team's engagement, but important contributions go unseen. Here's how to start recognizing them. management process
The Hierarchy of Better Management 12/10/2017 First, do the easy stuff. management illustrations
Banishing Impostor Syndrome: How Managers Can Help 11/1/2017 We've all been there, struggling to keep a good face on a project that feels anything but. management teams