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A Better Todo List 11/28/2023 It's the "hello, world" of UI Frameworks. Can we make it even better? personal process
An Ending, a Beginning 9/18/2023 After seven years and two successful exits, I'm closing the books on one chapter and gearing up for what's next. personal
The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog 8/28/2023 A long-lived technical blog reckons with change personal meta
Let's Talk About the Future 11/24/2019 And other polite ways to ruin Thanksgiving dinner personal essay
More Value, Less Impact: Traveling on a Carbon Budget 10/5/2019 Nothing screams ‘millennial guilt’ quite like a nice flight across the ocean. If you’re still going to travel, how do you make it count? personal process
Notevember 10/31/2018 The sort of thing that makes it worth opening the mailbox, just to see what's inside. personal
The Honest Question That Gets More Done 9/13/2018 Ever put something off? One simple self-reflection will get it back on track. personal
Before You Go Paperless 5/16/2018 The oldest productivity tool is still one of the best personal essays
3 Good Reasons to Start a Blog 4/29/2018 I’m still clinging to the old-fashioned notion that there’s value in writing things down. essays personal