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A Better Todo List 11/28/2023 It's the "hello, world" of UI Frameworks. Can we make it even better? personal process
The Model and its Limits 10/19/2019 No matter how convenient or apparently complete, every model has its limits. process essay
More Value, Less Impact: Traveling on a Carbon Budget 10/5/2019 Nothing screams ‘millennial guilt’ quite like a nice flight across the ocean. If you’re still going to travel, how do you make it count? personal process
Baking loves static types 5/29/2019 Working in languages like JavaScript, Python, or Ruby, you get a little tired of your colleagues... development process
Five Better Ways to Comment Code 4/13/2018 Comments just sit there—why not put them to work instead? development process
Recognizing Your Enablers 2/22/2018 Recognition is critical to your team's engagement, but important contributions go unseen. Here's how to start recognizing them. management process
Mocking HTTPS Services in Node.js for Fun and Profit 2/11/2018 Mocks can simplify testing of 3rd-party services, but not when someone else owns the TLS keys. Here's how to work around it. development process
Keeping Git Hooks in Sync 1/26/2018 Sharing git hooks with your team makes it easy to automate expectation and workflows. Here are three ways to do it. howto process git bash
So You Think You're Programming? 1/14/2018 We software developers tend to imagine our job is programming. Coffee in. Code out. Dev in the middle. development process
This is the Month to Learn Application Logging 12/1/2017 Logs shine light on the dark corners of an application, revealing smoke before production can burst into flames. learn-one-thing development process ops
Coyote’s User Story 11/19/2017 The one thing ACME’s customer needs isn’t a crazy contraption. It’s dinner. product process
Any Color You Like 11/16/2017 Declarative interfaces can stop complexity in its tracks—but only if their prescription fits the problem at hand. development process
This is the Month to Learn Git 10/29/2017 System of record, automation tool, and the ultimate undo button for bad ideas. There's no better time to _really_ learn git. learn-one-thing development process git
There's Always a Customer 6/3/2017 Everyone wins when we stop treating tools as 'internal-only'. development process essays
How to Ruin Code Review 6/17/2016 Ten guaranteed strategies for raining misery down on code review howto process development
That's Technical Debt 6/12/2016 Technical debt. Can't outrun it, can't run without it. Here's how to keep it under control. development process essays product
Evolution Over Revolution 2/6/2016 What every product team can learn from Porsche development process essays
The Documentation You've Been Looking For 5/12/2015 If we don't want prose, and we can't tell our complete story with code alone, it's time to consider our supplemental documentation. development process essays