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React is Changing How We Think, Again 2/10/2019 React reinvented how interfaces are built. Where does the future lead? essays development react
Using React Hooks with TypeScript 1/27/2019 Use TypeScript and React Hooks like useReducer and useState to create typesafe, maintainable state containers. Here’s how to do it. typescript react howto
TypeScript Event Handlers 10/17/2018 Event handling in TypeScript is a story of expectations, tradeoffs, and the challenge of trying to type a dynamic language like JavaScript. typescript react
Creating a CLI with TypeScript 8/12/2018 The same statically-typed goodness for web applications is just as helpful for building command-line interfaces. typescript howto react
React Render Props with TypeScript 8/11/2018 Using render props with TypeScript makes it easy to safely sharing logic across React components. typescript howto react
Using React Context with TypeScript 5/24/2018 Use TypeScript and React Contexts to safely share state across React components—or an entire Application. typescript howto react
Testing with TypeScript, Enzyme, and React 3/23/2018 Testing with TypeScript and Enzyme offers a friendly, typesafe alternative to React's built-in test facilities. typescript react testing howto
Generic Redux Actions with TypeScript 3/1/2018 Have the cake and eat it, too: dispatch asynchronous redux actions with all the benefits of TypeScript's type system and only minimal boilerplate typescript react redux howto
Composing Higher-Order React Components in TypeScript 9/24/2017 Higher-order components are powerful tools for encapsulating behavior. Here's how to glue them together. typescript react
React Higher Order Components with TypeScript 8/19/2017 React HOCs are good for encapsulation; even better with their contents secured by TypeScript. typescript howto react
Tutorial: TypeScript, React, and Redux 8/17/2016 It's easy to connect a TypeScript / Redux application to a typesafe React.js UI. Here's how they fit together. typescript redux react howto
Putting React Custom PropTypes to Work 1/21/2015 React Custom PropTypes help clarify component interfaces. Here's how to put them to work. howto react javascript