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Generic Redux Actions with TypeScript 3/1/2018 Have the cake and eat it, too: dispatch asynchronous redux actions with all the benefits of TypeScript's type system and only minimal boilerplate typescript react redux howto
Reducing Typescript and Redux Boilerplate with Partial Actions 9/4/2017 Static typing is meaningless if boilerplate precludes its use. Partial actions can minimize repetition while still retaining safety and ease-of-use. typescript redux howto
Integrating TypeScript and redux-thunk 1/21/2017 Thunk middleware and async action-creators help clarify the logic of Redux applications. Here's how to bring them into TypeScript. typescript howto redux
TypeScript and Async Redux Actions 9/26/2016 TypeScript brings strong assurances to async actions in Redux applications. typescript redux howto
Tutorial: TypeScript, React, and Redux 8/17/2016 It's easy to connect a TypeScript / Redux application to a typesafe React.js UI. Here's how they fit together. typescript redux react howto
Tutorial: Getting Started with Redux and TypeScript 8/16/2016 In this short guide, we'll use TypeScript to make a Redux project that's safe, consistent, and accessible. howto typescript redux