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The Psychology of Computer Programming 1/9/2022 Fifty years later, Gerald Weinberg's book remains a goldmine of insight into programmers, management, and of course the computers themselves. books reviews
Killing it: an Education 12/15/2019 You might read a book about meat because you're curious about how to prepare it, where it comes from, or whether you should be eating it at all books reviews
Dear Founder 1/27/2019 Maynard Webb’s Dear Founder is a different kind of startup story, told through the letters an... books reviews
High Output Management 3/11/2018 An essential framework for getting the most from management books reviews
The Information 12/4/2017 A thought-provoking ride through mathematics, language, and time that chronicles information's centrality to both society and the natural world books reviews
The Hard Thing About Hard Things 10/7/2017 Life is a panoply of unexpected challenges, no-win scenarios, and choices between bad and worse. This story is about that. books reviews
Books Worth Reading 9/4/2017 If a story's worth finishing, it's worth taking a moment to mull over--and share--its big ideas. essays books reviews
The Essential Drucker 9/3/2017 An eminently quotable collection of advice and philosophy for the knowledge economy. books reviews
Radical Candor 6/25/2017 Kim Scott's book puts relationships--caring, communication, and respect--at the heart of managing effective teams. books reviews