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Inferring TypeScript types from Mustache-templates 7/31/2023 A small library to infer TypeScript types from Mustache typescript devex mustache
Managing Application State with Algebraic Effects 12/26/2021 Even without explicit language support, algebraic effects are a useful conceptual tool for managing application state programming typescript
EventTarget with TypeScript 6/18/2021 Use TypeScript with the EventTarget DOM API to add type safety to event-driven user interfaces. typescript howto
Event Emitters in TypeScript 10/20/2019 TypeScript enables safer, more maintainable event emitters. Here's how to add type safety to the pattern you know and love. typescript howto
Is TypeScript worth it? Making the case to your team 5/18/2019 Here's a letter to share with your manager, your team, or the developer across the way at the pub. development typescript
Damage Control in Distributed Systems 4/24/2019 Grid operators, systems thinkers, and grey-beard sysadmins will tell you: systems are hard. development typescript howto
Using React Hooks with TypeScript 1/27/2019 Use TypeScript and React Hooks like useReducer and useState to create typesafe, maintainable state containers. Here’s how to do it. typescript react howto
TypeScript Event Handlers 10/17/2018 Event handling in TypeScript is a story of expectations, tradeoffs, and the challenge of trying to type a dynamic language like JavaScript. typescript react
Creating a CLI with TypeScript 8/12/2018 The same statically-typed goodness for web applications is just as helpful for building command-line interfaces. typescript howto react
React Render Props with TypeScript 8/11/2018 Using render props with TypeScript makes it easy to safely sharing logic across React components. typescript howto react
Using React Context with TypeScript 5/24/2018 Use TypeScript and React Contexts to safely share state across React components—or an entire Application. typescript howto react
Testing with TypeScript, Enzyme, and React 3/23/2018 Testing with TypeScript and Enzyme offers a friendly, typesafe alternative to React's built-in test facilities. typescript react testing howto
Generic Redux Actions with TypeScript 3/1/2018 Have the cake and eat it, too: dispatch asynchronous redux actions with all the benefits of TypeScript's type system and only minimal boilerplate typescript react redux howto
Thinking in Types 12/3/2017 Even in weakly-typed languages, consistent typing can yield better code. Here's how to start thinking in types.. development typescript
Composing Higher-Order React Components in TypeScript 9/24/2017 Higher-order components are powerful tools for encapsulating behavior. Here's how to glue them together. typescript react
Reducing Typescript and Redux Boilerplate with Partial Actions 9/4/2017 Static typing is meaningless if boilerplate precludes its use. Partial actions can minimize repetition while still retaining safety and ease-of-use. typescript redux howto
React Higher Order Components with TypeScript 8/19/2017 React HOCs are good for encapsulation; even better with their contents secured by TypeScript. typescript howto react
Integrating TypeScript and redux-thunk 1/21/2017 Thunk middleware and async action-creators help clarify the logic of Redux applications. Here's how to bring them into TypeScript. typescript howto redux
Testing TypeScript with Jest 12/11/2016 Jest and TypeScript make it easy to write maintainable, strongly-typed unit tests. typescript jest testing howto
TypeScript and Async Redux Actions 9/26/2016 TypeScript brings strong assurances to async actions in Redux applications. typescript redux howto
Tutorial: TypeScript, React, and Redux 8/17/2016 It's easy to connect a TypeScript / Redux application to a typesafe React.js UI. Here's how they fit together. typescript redux react howto
Tutorial: Getting Started with Redux and TypeScript 8/16/2016 In this short guide, we'll use TypeScript to make a Redux project that's safe, consistent, and accessible. howto typescript redux