The Developer’s Guide to Growth

“So you’re about to launch your chatbot, alt-coin, whatever. Bad news, buckaroo: the Costner Fallacy is real.

Rising above the breathless hustle of the startupverse takes more than a flashy product and friend-and-family upvotes on Producthunt. If you build it they might come—but chances are they won’t. You’ll need to get out to the market and sell.

Welcome to the world of growth: a multidisciplinary function encompassing marketing, sales, customer success, plus the data and analytics needed to enable smart decision-making and the integration needed to enact it.

If you’re a technical founder starting to think through how you’ll grow your bootstrapped side project, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re in the process of raising a seed round—you’re probably in the right place, too. And if you’re chained to your desk at a Fortune 100 company and wondering what the heck the marketing team does all day… well, you just might find an answer.

What’s in the eBook

“Growth for Software Developers” equips technical founders and developers to answer questions like:

  • Can’t I just write software and leave the business up to everyone else?
  • Where do customers come from?
  • And what does marketing do all day, really?

You’ll also get practical recipes for finding your company’s niche and building repeatable growth. You’ll:

  1. identify customer personas
  2. define a Growth funnel
  3. design low-cost, high-reward experiments
  4. measure and optimize Growth investments
  5. wear Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success hats to advance your Growth goals

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