Past Employers README

I’ve had the good fortune to ship software and lead teams at companies ranging from the Fortune 500 (and Hewlett-Packard was a very different company in 2003 than it is today) to a string of early- and growth-stage startups in the years since.

  • Fountain’s high-volume hiring platform automated employers’ hiring processes to let small recruiting teams close thousands (or for our Fortune 100 customers, hundreds of thousands) of candidates in hours, not weeks. Working as a Director (and later VP) of Engineering, I scaled a globally-distributed engineering team while enabling significant feature expansion for enterprise customers, a 10x increase in release frequency, and more sleep at night for our SREs.

  • Koan’s platform for goal-setting and accountability was beloved by operational leaders from hyper-growth startups to the Fortune 500. As an early-stage startup I got to do it all: contributing heavily to our early product, infrastructure, and data pipeline; building initial B2B traction as our first Director of Growth; and as CTO building a culture of engineering excellence within our growing team prior to a two-way acquisition in 2021.

  • Versal’s course-building platform let thousands of educators create and distribute highly-interactive online courses without needing to learn to code. I led frontend development of the first iterations of our product while helping hire and train a growing team. As the team tripled in size, my portfolio as one of two Directors of Engineering expanded over backend and DevOps teams, a litany of global contractors, and the overall health of our product roadmap and operations.

There are more stories, lessons, and fond memories from each of these than will ever fit neatly on the page, but the best ones are slowly dripping out over time.