Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to write?

All of us. We all work with other people, and we all have ideas worth communicating. Then there are those times when you need to advocate for your work. In writing. And if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid those, it’s almost certainly because someone else has been writing for you.

For technical leaders, writing is unavoidable.

What if I don’t like writing?

You’re in the right place! While we can’t make the pain go away entirely, these guides are meant to make the process as straightforward as possible. Hit the important stuff, get out. That’s the plan.

Technical writing?

If ‘communication’ goes down easier, call it that. But at some point the ideas in your head need to get out where everyone else can use them.

Can’t I just write code?

If you want to limit your audience, sure. Just remember: even if you’re mostly writing for programmers, certain artifacts (the README, how-to guides, and API reference) help readers decide whether to actually use the program.

Why don’t we just talk instead?

Writing is durable. It will be there after the conversation ends. It’s also slow and iterative. There’s time to conceive, develop, and challenge ideas at your own pace–without taking up someone else’s time.

Should I just take a writing course?

These guides assume that English is a familiar language, and that you’re reasonably comfortable writing it.

That said, if you’re looking to improve your writing, structured education (especially where accompanied by critical feedback and peer review) is a fantastic way to do it.